3 EB Breakfast Bowls To Start Off the New Year!

January 21, 2016

3 EB Breakfast Bowls To Start Off the New Year!

Fitting in healthy meals at such a busy time of year, especially for breakfast, may seem impossible. That’s why we put together 3 delicious Breakfast Bowls that are easy to make and packed with tons of nutrition!



Love BLTs, but trying to cut down on the carbs? Our EBLT Bowl is packed with all the great flavors of a normal BLT while cutting out the bread! Want to save time hard-cooking your eggs, use Eggland’s Best Hard Cooked Peeled Eggs. Click here to find EB Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs in a store near you!

 Sweet Potato Bowl


Need a reason to use that new spiralizer you got? EB’s Sweet Potato Bowl is the perfect meal for you to create. Protein-packed and absolutely delicious,  this bowl will keep you feeling full between meals. And if  you’re not sure how to perfectly poach an EB egg,watch this quick video to become an egg poaching pro in no time! 

EB Fish-Taco Bowl 


Not big on breakfast? Sneak EB’s Fish Taco Bowl in at any time of the day. Made with fresh tilapia and avocado, this bowl is big on flavor and fully customizable. Substitute your EB scrambled eggs with EB Liquid Egg Whites!