The Perfect Holiday Spread

November 4, 2016

The Perfect Holiday Spread

We’ve teamed up with Nathaniel from The TermiNatetor Kitchen to create the ultimate holiday spread with 6 NEW delicious recipes. Follow along below and let us help you go “cold turkey” with bad planning!

First Up – The Appetizers


Squash the idea of ordinary biscuits and take them to the next level. These Rosemary Biscuits are paired with homemade Butternut Squash Butter, making them the a delicious addition to your meal. Plus the butter will stay good for up to two weeks in your fridge! YUM! 


 Deviled eggs make the perfect appetizer due to their versatility. Egg on your guest to try these Honeyed Jalapeno EB Deviled Eggs; they won’t regret it! 

The Main Course


This Lemon Thyme Roasted Chicken can be cooked in the traditional way or using the hay-roasting technique (found on the recipe page). Either way, its delicious and pairs perfectly with the Herb Butter Stuffing below. 


Fresh herbs make this holiday classic extremely flavorful.



We hope you saved room. This Pumpkin & Brown Butter Cheesecake is topped with Bourbon Candied Pecans making it the perfect end to your feast.